Sitecore media and browser cache

Have you ever faced issues like your media items are not getting reflected to your page or you are still referring to older media files after media publish? Or your media files are not getting cached when accessing through revere proxy? Or your media files are not getting cached on browser level? Here is the solution in Sitecore itself, that is using Media Response Cacheability.

Media response cacheability is served using cache-control header, read more on topic 14.9 regarding cache-control header.

In web.config, you can define media response cacheability options in settings section like below:
    The HttpCacheability is used to set media response headers.
    Possible values: NoCache, Private, Public, Server, ServerAndNoCache, ServerAndPrivate
    Default value: public-->

    <setting name="MediaResponse.Cacheability" value="public" />

Here are six different settings to define media response headers, using which Sitecore manages media on client or browser level caching:

Media Cacheability Option Description
NoCache Browser cache is not created while using this option, so, every time media is served from server to device. This is not a good idea, when you want to improve performance by serving media files faster. This will slow down page speed.
Private This option allows browsers to store media cache. But, the response is cacheable only on the client and not by shared (proxy server) caches. Suppose, the ISP is having a invisible proxy between user and internet, then the user can not get benefit of media caching.
Public On step ahead than Private, using this option, response is cacheable by clients and shared (proxy) caches. So, anybody can use its caching mechanism. This option is mostly preferred to get optimum performance gain.
Server The response is cached only at the origin server. Similar to the NoCache option. Clients receive a Cache-Control: no-cache directive but the document is cached on the origin server. Equivalent to ServerAndNoCache.
ServerAndNoCache Applies the settings of both Server and NoCache to indicate that the content is cached at the server but all others are explicitly denied the ability to cache the response.
ServerAndPrivate Indicates that the response is cached at the server and at the client but nowhere else. Proxy servers are not allowed to cache the response.

Let's go back to solve these problems.
1. Media files are not getting cached?
    - Use public or private depending on your need, described above.

2. Caching is on from Sitecore, still cache is not getting generated on device or browser.
    - Chances are use of any proxy before reaching to you. Check, your settings might be set as Private. Set it as Public.

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